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This Project was launched in 2006, with a small table on the plaza that is next to the beach. It stems from the assumption that “everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn”.

Then they opened a location with the purpose of selling the work from the artistic community that was populating the city. They were able to sell their work at a very low commission and, at the same time, got resources to fund their following projects. They, in turn, had to give between 4 and 8 hours of voluntary work, teaching classes. On the upper part of this location, the first library was opened.

In 2009, the tree that protected the plaza from the sun was cut down, but the project kept moving forward and growing until finally they got the permit to move into the warehouses they currently occupy and it became the emblematic Project of San Pancho. It has two main purposes: education and ecology.

They have a library, a scholarship and social work program as well as a computer center. Regarding ecology, the main focus is recycling: “What many people use to consider garbage, at Entreamigos, it is transformed into incredible products full of life and originality”.


Circo de los Niños was born in 2011, when Gilles St-Croix, one of the founders of Cirque du Soleil and his wife Monique Voyer, decided to make a circus show for the children of Entreamigos in order to collect funds for the center.

In 2014, they put on another show, this time at the Plaza del Sol, with 60 participant children. That same year they decided to petition the government of Nayarit to let them have one of the warehouses. Currently, they have two warehouses; one has become a forum and the other, a dance studio. There are 140 children enrolled in the project.



This initiative has its origins in another civil association called Hojanay, founded in 1999, noting the issue with jaguar trafficking and knowing that its population was included on the list of endangered species.

In 2002, this association used the first warehouse for cultural and conservation purposes, in the agro-industrial complex area intended for management offices.

Following its dissolution in 2007, it returned in 2008 under the name it is known today, headed by Martha Collignon as president and Erik Saracho as director. The organization is dedicated to protecting the jaguar, mainly in the Sierra de Vallejo. It has also headed many movements aimed at protecting San Pancho’s environment. It has brought awareness about problems related to the estuary and the sewage treatment plants.



This group of artists is focused mainly on plastic and performing arts. It began in 2006 and settled down in the warehouses in 2008.

In the warehouse they occupy, called the Bodega Teatro, there is a section that acts as an artistic workshop, another with a stage for performing arts and another section with wooden flooring for karate lessons.

It has been the main engine for the Sinergiarte Art Festival, which: “emerges to show and share artistic and cultural manifestations that take place in San Pancho”. This successful festival has been carried out during 11 years in a row.



It is the most recently created association. They carry out work since 2015 and was incorporated into the Cultural Central by the end of 2016. It is integrated by businesswomen from San Pancho. Labor mainly includes street clean-up and organizing the town in general. They also work closely with the hospital, helping people of limited resources.