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General Objective

To develop community participation forums and habits with an attitude of solidarity towards their surroundings through artistic creation processes. To trigger and foster the exchange of knowledge and practical tools for social transformation.

We use a work model with ongoing updates whose axis is art and culture. The purpose: We use a work model with ongoing updates whose axis is art and culture. We aim to develop social initiatives that foster reflexive and critical thought over our time and surroundings in an effort to enhance the quality of life as an individual and as a community.

Specific Objectives

  • To foster imagination and creativity as ways of bringing about well-being and development.
  • To raise awareness among children and young adults about the importance of honoring all human beings throughout all stages of life, seeking ways for intergenerational inclusion and integration.
  • To inspire the development of our artistic being and role as well as ways of inquiring and exploring.
  • To promote physical and emotional well-being by means of resting and relaxing, as well as comprehensive health that seeks mental clarity.
  • To promote and look after our local natural resources.
  • To favor the interaction, collaboration and exchange between artists and nature.
  • To make us aware of the transformative impact our actions have over our surroundings.
  • To teach our children the importance of caring for our environment, thus enriching their academic formation and guiding such education towards current and future social needs. To further explain the urgency we face to stop hurting our environment and, even more, the need to mend and regenerate the current situation.
  • To build professional networks, local and international, through artistic residences, academic exchanges and intense recreational and educational activities.
  • Our objective is to work together, creating partnerships with individuals, cultural and educational institutions and foundations that support initiatives that boost talent, creativity and human development.